Many churches run special events at Christmas. Often, schools are invited to Christingle or Nativity services or perhaps they use the Church for their own carol service. The relationship between church and community is at its best.  However when it comes to Easter, it’s not quite so easy. Schools rarely ask for special services. They are more likely to stick to lambs, daffodils, eggs and bunny rabbits. Yet the Easter story is the one on which Christianity stands or falls.  What can we do to change things? How can we encourage schools to come and hear the Easter story?

What is it we would like to achieve?

  • An opportunity for (primary school aged) children to hear the story of the first Easter told in a sympathetic and engaging manner
  • An environment which stimulates the imagination, enhances the story and makes it easy to listen to and to understand
  • Something which leaves a lasting impression on both children and adults
  • Something which helps forge/strengthen links between churches and the local schools/community
  • Something which provides an opportunity for children to learn about and ask questions about the most important tenets of the Christian faith

In trying to support local churches in meeting these kinds of aspirations we have developed the Easter Story Trail, which has proved to be a wonderful way for churches to invite Primary schools to come into church to hear the Easter Story told in an engaging manner in a very special setting.

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