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Developers’ Guide and Resources DVD

Together, the Developers’ Guide and Resources DVD provide a range of materials which will enable you to understand more fully what is involved in planning, building and running an Easter Story Trail; inspire your church to take the journey, bring it all to life and see hundreds of children hearing and understanding more of the Easter story in a ‘never to be forgotten’ experience.

The Resources DVD includes video footage of a Trail in action, scripts, plans for constructing the cross, the tomb and the walkways and an interactive photo gallery.

The cost for the Developers’ Guide with the Resource DVD included free is:
£12 inc. p&p.

To place an order, please use the response panel.

Access to Resources

To register to access the resources below and others as they become available, please use the response panel and  check ‘I’m interested in Developing a Trail’.  There is no cost to register – it just helps us to gauge interest and receive feedback on how helpful the resource materials are and what can be done to improve what is available.


A selection of templates with full details of how to create mood-setting backdrops and walkways.


The three templates illustrated above are from a series designed to create a backdrop to the garden area.  Each template is used as a guide and copied onto cloth using different shades of olive green.

Here is the result when the three templates are combined – painted ‘layer by layer’ onto pale olive coloured cloth.




Below are three further examples of sections of completed backdrops which can be produced in the same way as described above.


From left to right: Cross area, Walkway/street and Tomb area.


Constructing the Garden of Gethsemane

Advice and guidance to help with planning and building your version of Gethsemane

Disciples Templates

A template set to assist with creating the artwork for the Upper Room scene.

Trail Layout

Exemplar plans of Trail layouts in a various styles of church building – helping you to visualise a Trail in your church.

Costume Pattern

Having your storyteller in costume has an immediate impact with the children.  A full pattern, based on an authentic style costume, with detailed instructions for sewing.

Tomb liner

A pattern for a purpose made liner for the inside of the tomb, This results in a one piece liner, easily secured into place, which overcomes the difficulties of using several overlapping pieces of cloth which are liable to gape and spoil the illusion.


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